A major goal of our work is the development of educative curriculum materials (ECM) for use in teacher education. The materials, called “CKT Packets” are educative because they are designed to support the learning of teacher educators as well as pre-service teachers (Davis & Krajcik, 2005, p. 3). Each set of materials focuses on CKT at the intersection of one specific science content idea (e.g., conservation of matter) and one science teaching practice (e.g., eliciting student ideas).

Use the drop down menu to learn more about the CKT packets. We’ve provided a Getting Started Guide to help you learn how you can use these in your work with teachers. Accessing the CKT packets requires setting up a free account.

Davis, E. A., & Krajcik, J. S. (2005). Designing educative curriculum materials to promote teacher learning. Educational Researcher34(3), 3-14.