Example Items

Here we provide examples of various CKT matter items we developed and piloted during this project. Each CKT matter item is aligned to one of the five matter topic areas and one of the seven WOTS instructional tool categories. These CKT matter item examples are accessible to registered users when logged in to the website. Click the link in the top right menu to create an account if you have not done so already. Each CKT item example document includes four sections: (1) item information, (2) item content, (3) key information, and (4) pilot information. The item information section provides details about the item type and grade band, as well as identifies the WOTS instructional tool, science teaching practice, and content topic the item is best aligned with. The item content section includes the teacher-focused instructional scenario, the item stem, and the response information. The key information section identifies the item’s intended correct response and provides a written rationale for both the item key and the distracters. The pilot information section provides results from piloting the specific CKT matter item with a sample of pre-service elementary teachers in the United States, including the proportion correct, the item-total correlation, and the median item response time.

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This multiple-selection assessment item focuses on science teaching practice (STP) 43 Developing or... more
Content Focus: Work of Teaching Science: